Welcome To Drumscot Tours

DrumScot is a Scottish-based family owned and operated tour company and a branch of Drumgolf Tours. Leeby and Gordon Adam run the business which is wholly dedicated to providing customers with an imaginative, unique and exclusive touring experience which gets right to the heart and soul of our enchanting nation.

All our tours are tailor-made & based on the priorities of our customers, who can look forward to relaxing and experiencing the best of Scotland, while being transported in an executive vehicle by one of our friendly and professional Drivers, who will accompany them throughout the tour.

Scotland’s scenic splendour and lavish heritage are magnets to visitors from all around the globe. Lochs and legends, mountains and glens, battlefields and battlements, stirring music and vibrant dance — Scotland gives generously, and the traveller takes home a host of incomparable memories.

Join us on a memorable voyage and discover aesthetic, historical and traditional Scotland, a country brimming with beauty, wildlife and colour.

Please note that all our Tours are chauffeur driven and there is a minimum requirement of 3 nights for all our tours and we cannot organise single day trips.