Tour Inspiration - Researching Scottish Family Ancestry

Have you ever wished to delve deeper into your family history? Do you want to know more about your Scottish ancestry or wonder where your surname originated?

With the help of a local professional genealogist we can answer some of those questions for you and tailor-make your own Private Guided Tour of Scotland piecing together the parts of your individual jigsaw.

Retrace the footsteps of your Scottish Ancestors

A visit to your ancestral home or parish church may unlock the secrets of your family's past. The spectacular Scottish scenery is punctuated with mysterious ruins and iconic castles, each telling the story of their occupants rich and colourful past.

A Drumscot Tour may unearth your family crest or help you discover your ancient tartan. Macnaughton's in the picturesque village of Pitlochry have been specialists in Highland Dress since the days of William IV back in the 1830's. What better hierloom to pass on to future generations than your very own tailored kilt from such a historic retail establishment.

The Scottish Clan System

Perhaps your Scottish ancestral roots can be traced back to a Scottish family name.

The term "Clan" means family in Gaelic. Under the ancient and bloody clan system the various Clan Chiefs ruled the Scottish Highlands. All the members of a clan, although not related, bore the same name as the chief, wore his tartan and gave him military service in return for his protection.

Perhaps the most infamous clan dispute is the 1692 Massacre of Glencoe when 130 Clan Campbell soldiers were sent to press the Jacobite MacDonalds of Glencoe to register an oath of loyalty to the English King William of Orange. For ten days the soldiers were treated to the best of Highland hospitality by the unsuspecting MacDonalds. At dawn on 13th February the soldiers murdered their hosts in their beds. So abhorred was the breach of trust that Clan MacDonald still bear a grudge to this day. Since the late 20th century the Clachaig Inn in Glencoe has had a sign above its door saying "No Hawkers or Campbells"!

The clan social structure was mercilessly dissolved after the Battle of Culloden in 1746 when the wearing of tartan, the playing of bagpipes and bearing of arms was banned. The clan lands were forfeited, new private estates were born, given to landowners faithful to the English King thus heralding the beginning of the violent Highland Clearances when tenants were forcibly evicted throughout the Highlands to make way for more profitable sheep.

Include a Clan Gathering in your Drumscot Tour

If you have ancestral ties to a particular clan then a visit to the clan homeland is a poignant and moving experience. The ancient Highland celebration of Clan Gatherings and Highland Games are still played today and a Drumscot Tour could take you to one of many which run throughout the summer months. From the spectacle of the Braemar Gathering with the Queen in attendance to the Cowal Highland Gathering in Argyll they are held in towns and villages across the country. The traditional tests of strength like tossing the caber and throwing the hammer run alongside the cultural contests of Highland Dancing, piping and Gaelic singing.

Whether you are already well versed in your Scottish roots or just have a hunch you are one of the 80 million people from around the globe who are lucky enough to have Scottish Ancestry then contact us and we will be delighted to create a Drumscot custom built Private Guided Tour to uncover some of the secrets of your past. In the first instance please contact

If you are interested in a private tour of Scotland taking you closer to the roots of your Scottish ancestry, and picking up a few keepsakes along the way, Drumscot would be delighted to prepare a sample itinerary for your consideration. In the first instance please contact

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